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Flu Vaccine….Should I take the shot or not?

Saturday, October 22, 2011 @ 02:10 PM
Author: Dr. Joe Zollinger

Have you noticed how every street corner you go by is offering you the flu shot? You don’t have to go into the hospital any more, or see your doctor.  You can just walk in, pay the fee, stick out your arm, and get your shot. Quick, easy, and no mess. Kind of like pulling up to McDonalds and getting your burger and fries. We have become a nation of the “Quick Fix.” We don’t have to think……and there in lies the problem. Have you ever stopped to consider what the flu is? How do we get it? How come it only seems to be a problem between October and February? Why don’t we see it in the summer? What can we do to prevent it? These are all good questions and things that we have been dealing with in our office for 25 years.

Let’s start off by looking at when the flu occurs. What is going on between October and February?  Is it the weather changing from warm to cold? One truth is that we are exposed to the sun less in the winter. We stay inside and when we do go outside, We wrap our bodies up so that less of us is exposed to the sun. Why is this important? Our bodies produce Vitamin D when exposed to sun light. Studies are now showing the importance of Vitamin D in supporting the immune system. Research, according to Neil Z. Miller, is now showing that Vitamin D (2000 to 4000 IU’s daily)  may be more important then Vitamin C in supporting the immune system.

It is my belief that we see more flu during this time of year due to dietary changes. Think about it, October-Halloween, November-Thanksgiving, December-Christmas, January-New Years, February-Valentine’s Day. Common denominators? Increased sugar consumption (this is a huge factor), increased alcohol consumption, over eating and rich foods, staying up late with  all the holiday parties, need I say more? Not convinced? Why not try eliminating some of these factors and see if your health doesn’t improve? It has been proven time and time again that a good diet, proper rest, increasing your water intake (not soda), and exercise improves the bodies ability to adapt. There are also nutritional supplements available to help support immune function such as; garlic, echinacea, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and probiotics.

Want more? Dr. Roby Mitchell M.D. ( gave some interesting statistics on the flu vaccine. He was pro flu shots until he did his homework. He discovered that the H1N1 vaccine has not been tested and that you are in fact the guinea pig. The H1N1 serum contains 25 mcg of mercury, a known neurotoxin, cardiotoxin, and a cytotoxin. It also contains formaldehyde, which was used to preserve dead bodies. Hmmmmm, could be why Dr. Oz didn’t let his wife or children take the shot. Side effects from the vaccine are as follows; Guillain Barré (a fatal nerve disease), headaches, dizziness, neuropathy, paresthesia, confusion, Bell’s Palsy and myelinoysis. Did you know that it is recommended that all pregnant women should take this vaccine, even though that they have no test results that show whether or not this serum could harm  the unborn child. (i.e. DNA damage, Neurological damage, still birth, or miscarriage) The H1N1 vaccine states on the package that specific levels haven’t been shown to prevent viral influenza. Still not convinced? Please feel free to check out these web sites.

Please, for you and your families safety, do your research. Don’t put your health in someone else’s hands and don’t give in to the “FEAR” tactics used by the media to make a decision.
Yours in health,

Dr. Z