For your first visit expect to be with the doctor for 45 minutes to an hour. During this time the doctor will ask you questions regarding the details of your case, and do an exam to evaluate your needs. The doctor will also do an extended treatment to start you on the road to recovery. The treatment will consist of muscle testing, soft tissue manipulation, and possibly electrical stimulation with ice. Soft tissue manipulation is a way of rebalancing your musculature and helping your spine to re-align on it own.

Follow-up visits usually last 15-30 minutes, and consist of more soft tissue manipulation, electric stimulation with ice and could include nutritional recommendations.

 Zollinger Chiropractic no longer accepts insurance. We can file your insurance for you or give you a receipt and show you how to file with your insurance company. Either way you are responsible for the charges upfront and the insurance company will reimburse you directly as they see fit.

Medicare does not cover our procedures, because we are not “traditional” chiropractic. Most secondary (supplemental) insurances will not cover the cost, if Medicare does not pay.